Natural Breed Kennels

Dog boarding in the state of North Carolina is regulated by the Department of Agriculture. However, there are several elements, such as time spent in the kennel, type of kennel, and size of kennel vary among industry. Dog boarding facilities vary from traditional boarding with kennels to upscale pet hotel with private hotels.

A traditional kennel environment is where a dog stays in a cage or kennel. Typically, the dog is taken out of the room a few times a day for walks and bathroom breaks. While luxury boarding is drastically different and much more involved. Rooms are typically private, larger than kennels, and dogs spend the majority of their day outside of their hotel room. The focus is on the well-being and happiness of your dog. We encourage and welcome pet parents to customize their pet’s stay.

There are many within the dog boarding industry that claim to provide a luxury environment for pets. However only if you upgrade your pet’s stay or pay for add-on packages. Although luxury boarding standards may vary among industry, the following is what luxury boarding means to us at our pet resort.

At Natural Breed Kennels Resort all pets are provided with the following:

  • Private hotel rooms
  • Play all day environment (like doggy daycare) or three private play sessions
  • Customized meals
  • Medication delivery without any additional cost
  • Daily report cards
  • Daily pictures uploaded on our social media platforms

The Environment

Cage-free environment with boarding rooms adequate for the dog breed and size. At Natural Breed Kennels Resort, our luxury suite room sizes range from 4×4 for small dogs, 4×6 for medium-size dogs, and 6×8 for large and extra-large dogs. Each room has sealed porcelain tile, epoxy floors, smart lighting, Karanda beds, wall art, and metal doors with tempered glass windows. Natural Breed Kennels Resorts has state of the art building has 7800 square foot of indoor play area. The indoor play areas are divided into three sections with the outdoor play area is 3 acres divided into four play areas. We believe play area must be large enough for dogs to run and play without being overcrowded.

The Staff

Well-educated staff is crucial to a successful and safe dog boarding environment. Each teammate has prior kennel experience. In addition, they have ongoing education that is important to their job.

A dog’s language is not the same as a human’s. We train our teammates to understand dog behavior and know what your pet is saying. This allows teammates to recognize behaviors before they become an issue.

Exercise and Playtime

Dogs are social animals and thrive when they have company from other furry friends. With that in mind, we offer a play all-day environment and try to minimize the time they spend in their room.

Playtime with other dogs allows your pet to:

  • The opportunity to socialize
  • Reinstate their pack instincts
  • Make new furry friends
  • Interactions with other dogs
  • Helps them learn to cope with different situations and environments
  • Build self-confidence


Our luxury dog resort is committed to a stress-free boarding stay. Therefore, customizing your pet’s stay to the norm of their home will minimize discomfort. It’s our mission for your fur baby to feel safe and enjoy their time away from home. We customize every experience to each individual pet creating an environment suited for everyone.

Our mission is to change what is accepted on how pets are boarded. so that our customers have peace of mind while they are away from home. Luxury boarding doesn’t have to cost a fortune, book your luxury pet’s stay today.