Natural Breed Kennels

Our Story

About Our Breeding Program

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We established Natural Breed Kennels primarily out of our love for dogs and the extreme importance of their well-being to us. We want to bring back the quality into breeding programs and place extreme focus on delivering healthy puppies for our families and community. Our mission is to raise the standard for breeding programs, by joining forces with other alike breeder with the same focus in quality. With quality being the main focus, unethical breeding such as puppy mills will be a thing of the past.
At Natural Breed Kennels all dogs are health tested to minimize genetic defects. We ensure all dogs receive regular exercise, as well as human interaction. In addition, we feed high quality natural food and supplements that is profiled to their specific needs.

About Our Resorts

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Natural Breed Kennels Resort, we strive to provide the best experience for your pet. Our mission is to offer luxury pet services at a reasonable rate. We are committed in providing quality and safe environment that pets deserve. The day-camp and hotel are designed to set the bar higher for what is an acceptable for our fur-babies. Our vision is to become the first choice for daycare and boarding in the surrounding counties while maintaining a high respect from our competitors in how to do it right.
Our values are critical to our success and are foundation for Natural Breed Kennels. The values that define who we are, set us apart from our competitors, and underlie our vision of the future.