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Guardian Home Program


Guardian Home Program

At Natural Breed Kennels we believe dogs deserve to be raised in a family verses kennel environment. As our kennel expands, we strive to continue the family like environment. Because of our growth, we are now offering a Guardian Home Program for dogs. The puppy can be male or female and is always based on the needs of the breeding program. These dogs are at no cost to the customer and the one dollar charge is only to prevent fraud. 


Why Guardian Home?

In exchange for the free puppy, we reserve the right to breed the dog up to the terms of the contract. The guardian home program owner is responsible for all the regular preventive care for the dog and the breeder will pay for all breeding related cost. Because proper nutrition is imperative to healthy puppies, the dog owner in the guardian home program must feed the dog food and vitamins requested by the breeder. For more questions about our guardianship program, feel free to reach out. 

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