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Guardian Home Program​

Why the Guardian Home Program for Dogs?

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Our guardian program for dogs provides clients the opportunity to own a top-of-the-line companion with the best qualities at no adoption or future breeding cost. Natural Breed Kennels covers all the fees related to breeding, health testing, and spaying or neutering after the dog completes the program. We work closely with our Guardian families, who become part of our puppy family.

An extra benefit for being in our guardianship program is the discounts from our resort which include, boarding, training, grooming, and doggie day-care.

Interested in our Guardianship Program?

About the Guardian Home Program for Dogs

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Natural Breed Kennels believes healthy, well-socialized puppies happen before breeding the dog. Continuing to deliver the best possible puppies starts with genetically cleared, healthy, and well-socialized parents. To achieve these aspects and give our breeding dogs the best possible life, we must limit the number of dogs at our facility. We achieve this through our Guardian Home Program for Dogs.

To continue being a quality breeder, continuous evaluation of our bloodlines in our breeding program is essential. We do this by keeping our best puppies for future breeding to monitor their growth and development so we can evaluate what best fits our needs. The Guardian Home Program for Dogs allows us to grow and continue to perfect our breeds, without sacrificing the dog’s happiness, health, and need for family love.

Natural Breed Kennels has a very conservative breeding program and takes the health of each dog very seriously. Female dogs are bred up to four times and male dogs until the age of 5 years old. Our focus will always be quality over quantity, allowing the dog to recover before they are bred again.

What Are The Qualifications To Be A Parent for the Guardian Dog Program?

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  • Live within 60 miles of our kennel in Concord, NC.
  • Guardian dogs must be indoor dogs and not left outside unattended.
  • Guardian dogs must be socialized.
  • Use Pawtree dog food and Nuvet vitamins while in our program.
  • Communicate all aspects of the dog’s health and heat cycles.
    • Provide normal costs of raising a pet
    • Routine Veterinary care
    • Grooming
    • Flea/tick/heartworm preventative
  • Guardian families can have other pets (all other dogs are neutered or spayed).

Interested in our Guardianship Program?

Please review and fill out the Guardianship Contract and upload below.