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Our Policies

Kennel Agreement

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Natural Breed Kennels wants to ensure that all our puppies are placed in homes that will care for and love them as they deserve. Due to the highly contagious and rapid progression of viral, protozoa, and bacterial diseases our nursery and kennels are closed to the public. Closed kennels ensure that we produce disease-free puppies. All puppies will be examined by a licensed veterinarian, will be wormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks. In addition, they will have received their 1st vaccine at 7 weeks. Natural Breed Kennels guarantees the puppy will be in excellent health at the time of purchase. We give a 72-hour health guarantee against any life-threatening genetic health defects. We have done everything possible to produce healthy puppies by only breeding healthy dogs, free from disease, and raising in the best way possible in regard to diet, exercise, socialization, and veterinary care. If for any reason within 72-hours after the puppy leaves our care, a licensed veterinarian determines your new puppy is not in excellent health, at no fault of the new owner, then Natural Breed Kennel will replace your puppy.

Please note, all sales are final and refunds are not issued.

New Owner Agreement

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To ensure each puppy has adequate food transition, each new parent will be required to order a starter bag of dog food from Pawtree prior to picking up your new puppy. The link to order food is Natural Breed Kennels will guarantee the puppy’s against genetic disorders if you continue to feed Pawtree formula food for two years. We will inform you of the food formula your new puppy is receiving. We can only view ordering activity if the food is ordered from the Natural Breed Kennels Pawtree link. In order to receive the health guarantee, the link must be used for orders. It is cheaper to order the food in the extra-large. It will come in three 10.3 lbs bags. This will last your new puppy 8 weeks. In addition, your puppy will be on Gastro Pro Plus probiotic. This will help your fur baby transition to their new environment. I recommend continuing Gastro Pro Plus for at least 60 days. Becoming a Paw member with auto-ship, you will begin to earn PawPoints to use towards goodies
To place a hold on a puppy, a deposit is required. Once the deposit is placed to hold a puppy, the deposit is non-refundable. We will begin accepting deposits, once pregnancy is confirmed. To minimize stress on our mothers and their babies, puppies will only be viewed in person after 5 weeks. A deposit is required to view the puppies in person. Puppies will be chosen in the order of deposits received. Customers with the pick of the litter will begin choosing their puppy at 5 weeks of age.

Natural Breed Kennels

Health and Sales Contract

The breeder guarantees that said puppy is in excellent health at the time of purchase. Breeder gives buyers 72- hour general health guarantee. Due to nutrition being key to a healthy puppy, we will guarantee against life-threatening genetic health defects for 1 year, if the new owner continues to feed the current nutrition regimen the puppy is receiving; Pawtree formula is _______________________________. If the new owner decides not to continue current nutrition, then the puppy will be genetically healthy guaranteed for 90 days. Natural Breed Kennels ask for the food to be purchased under the following link to provide verification for the 3-year guarantee. Life-threatening genetic health defects is a condition that will cause death or serious impairment of vital function to the heart, lungs, or kidneys.
The breeder has done everything possible to produce healthy, sound puppies by breeding only healthy dogs, free from disease, and by raising puppies in the best way possible regarding diet, exercise, socialization, and veterinary care.
If a licensed veterinarian determines of said puppy to be unhealthy, at no fault of the purchaser within 72 hours after purchaser takes delivery of the puppy, the breeder shall be notified within 24 hours of diagnosis. Failure to do so confirms your satisfaction with the puppy. When notifying the breeder, the following information must be included; name, address, and phone number of the licensed veterinarian that diagnosed the puppy, written documentation, and any additional paperwork from the veterinarian visit. So, the breeder can have an examination from their veterinarian, the buyer must return the puppy within 48 hours of the diagnosis date. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the breeder will replace the puppy when one comes available up to one year from the date of sale. This guarantee does not cover parasites, parvo, corona, viral or bacterial infections, distemper, kennel cough, umbilical hernia, coccidia, or giardia. All our puppies have had at least one vaccination against viral illnesses and have received preventive treatment against parasites, coccidia, and giardia. Due to the highly contagious and rapid progression, we cannot be liable as it’s very likely the puppy was exposed after our care.
Should a veterinarian determine said puppy to be damaged for any reason by fault of the purchaser, the puppy will be returned to the breeder with no replacement. Injuries induced after the sale, a change of heart, dislike of the puppy, or unable to potty train, is not covered. Only to the health of the puppy is our 3-year genetic guarantee valid. The breeder is not responsible for defects caused by the buyer’s neglect, abuse, improper nutrition, mishandling, breeding, or any illegal activities.
The purchaser agrees to provide the puppy with a loving home, socialization, quality food, and proper veterinary care. The purchaser agrees to NEVER tie the puppy or cause the puppy to be in an unsafe environment. In addition, if the puppy is no longer wanted, the purchaser agrees to rehome the puppy and NEVER place the puppy in a shelter.
Although the puppy is well socialized, the breeder does not make any guarantee regarding temperament. The temperament of your puppy is based on the amount of time you give your dog, its development, and socialization. Its recommended that you enroll your dog in basic training around the age of 5 months.