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People often explore dog training when their fur baby is exhibiting unwanted behaviors, however dog training can give you the ability to communicate with your dog, allowing you to experience joy that is often fulfillment than you could without dog training.  
It’s important to understand that dogs crave structure therefore all dogs require some type training. While teaching a dog to perform a trick, such as sit, is a good start, unwanted behavior stems from the need for true training. Proper training can eliminate unwanted behaviors while establishing healthy new behaviors.  
Our programs are designed to teach reliable and consistent responses anytime you communicate with your dog. Our training methods vary to meet the needs of each unique dog and how they learn. We find our variety of training allows each dog to have the confidence necessary to fit into any family pack.

Puppy- Pre-K


For puppies 8-10 weeks of age

Puppy- Kindergarten


For puppies 8-14 weeks of age

Puppy- Elementary


For dogs 4+ months old

Good Dog


For Dogs over 6 months old